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Reece Cole

When I was little, I was watching The Weather Channel about a tornado. I had a dream about them happening in Grand Rapids that night. Ever since, I have been obsessed with tracking the weather and always learning about it, eventually earning the nickname ‘Radar Reece’ by my family.

I attended the University of Oklahoma for their meteorology program and a broadcasting minor. I worked for the university broadcast program, OU Nightly, where I was a news reporter as well as a weather anchor. I was also a part-time meteorologist with KSWO in Lawton, OK, where I got to experience multiple severe weather events and tornado outbreaks.

After spending the last four and a half years studying 1,000 miles away from my hometown of Middleville, I'm pumped to get my first full-time meteorologist job forecasting for West Michigan while I work toward my American Meteorological Society seal.

When I'm not forecasting, you’ll find me somewhere near a body of water, hiking, playing cornhole, swimming or spending time with family.


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