Reece Cole


Reece Cole joined the Fox 17 Weather team in January of 2022. He grew up in West Michigan, and is pumped to be forecasting back where he grew up!

When Reece was just 7 years old, he was watching a show about a tornado and severe storms in the Midewest. After having a dream about a tornado hitting his home on Gun Lake, he immediately wanted to know everything about the weather and share it with everyone. Reece's grandparents eventually gave him the nickname 'Radar Reece' as he was always watching weather videos and live radar.

After graduating from Thornapple Kellogg High School, Reece attended The University of Oklahoma for their meteorology program, broadcast program, and warmer weather. While there, he worked for the university broadcast program, OU Nightly, as a weather anchor and even did some news reporting. Reece's first job in the field was as a part-time meteorologist with KSWO in Lawton, OK, where he got to experience multiple severe weather events and tornado outbreaks.

After spending the last four and a half years studying 1,000 miles away from his hometown of Middleville, Reece is back as a full-time meteorologist job forecasting for West Michigan, which he has so much passion for. He will continue to work toward his American Meteorological Society seal, too.

When not forecasting, you’ll find him somewhere near a body of water, hiking, playing corn-hole, swimming or spending time with family.

If you have a story idea or weather question, feel free to email Reece Cole at or follow him on social media.

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