BLOG: Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia

Joe Biden
Posted at 10:46 AM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-07 01:46:03-05

WEST MICHIGAN — Stay with FOX 17 for coverage of Election Day across West Michigan.

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The process of canvassing all votes cast across the county has begun and is expected to take a full 2 weeks to complete.

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It's a tight race to the White House, razor thin margins remain in Georgia after former Vice President Joe Biden took the lead by roughly 900 votes in the peach state Friday morning.

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6:20 a.m. - Friday, November 6

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner in Michigan and on his path to victory he managed to flip battleground Kent County.

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8:38 p.m.
Local leaders in Grand Rapids believe high Black voter turnout helped Michigan and Kent County flip to blue.

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7:39 p.m.
Thursday evening President Trump claimed that voter fraud was rampant in Michigan, saying that ballots were being illegally brought into Detroit's voting center at 4 a.m., likely referring to a video that's since gone viral claiming that ballots were being snuck into the center using a red wagon.

That claim has since been debunked.

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Republicans will continue to hold the majority in Michigan’s state House following Tuesday’s election.

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Celebrating his reelection, Sen. Gary Peters is pledging to fight for Democratic values and be bipartisan in his second term while saying it is “sad” and “pathetic” that Republican challenger John James refuses to concede defeat.

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The race for Sheriff in Kalamazoo County was a nail-biter, but it ended in re-election for Sheriff Richard Fuller.

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Republican Senate candidate John James says there is enough evidence to call for an investigation into the fairness of the election in Michigan.

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More than 5.5 million people voted in Michigan’s presidential election — the most ever and the highest percentage of voting-age residents to cast a ballot in 60 years.

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President Trump's legal team argued in the Michigan Court of Claims Thursday that Republican election challengers were denied "meaningful access" to the process of adjudicating disputed ballots.

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President Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for contesting battleground states by filing lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

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5:58 a.m. - Thursday, November 5
We got a several calls and emails as to why our election results did not match up with the state's secretary of state website.

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10:41 p.m.
As results are reported, the Secretary of State says they are the last site to check for up-to-date results.

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Joe Biden wins Michigan, FOX News projects.

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As Americans await the results of the election, some areas in west Michigan are still finishing the count including Kalamazoo.

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It's a historic election. But the counting process isn't exactly making history for its speed.

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Joe Biden wins Wisconsin.

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Secretary Jocelyn Benson held a news conference Wednesday to address updates and concerns surrounding the counting process for the 2020 election.

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Elections staffers are busy Wednesday continuing the process of tabulating the 85,000+ absentee ballots cast in Grand Rapids.

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(88% of precints reporting)
Joe Biden: 2,525,389 (49%)
Donald Trump: 2,509,601 (49%)

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12:42 a.m. - Wednesday, November 4

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Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson delivers an update on Election Night.

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Voters in Paw Paw waited an upwards of two hours to cast their ballots in this year's presidential election.

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When someone reported trouble at a polling place in Warren, local police were not expecting to find opposing campaign supporters singing together.

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When Michael DeVries arrived at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Tuesday morning to vote, he and his family took one look at the long line snaking through the parking lot and decided to return home.

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Voters in Portage are on track to break turnout records with half of registered voters voting absentee ahead of Election Day.

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A group of civilian poll watchers are traveling between different polling locations across the county to investigate reports of possible voter intimidation.

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Long lines are expected at the polls on Election Day, but this year some voters are worried about the security of their ballot and social distancing.

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Michael Martin shares an update from a Plainfield Township polling location.

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Brody Carter shares an update from the FOX 17 Real-time Map.

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Grand Rapids residents can register to vote in person with the city clerk on Election Day up until 8 o’clock tonight. If you do need to register to vote, bring a document that proves your residency. Digital copies are accepted.

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Polls are open, and the race to 270 electoral votes begins today. County officials have encouraged the public to practice patience as absentee ballots are tabulated and a winner may not be announced for a few days.

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We spoke with the Kent County Elections Director Gerrid Uzarski and Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons ahead of voting to make sure voter know what to expect and can ensure their ballots will be safely counted.

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President Donald Trump ends his speech at a rally at Ford airport.

WATCH: President Donald Trump holds rally at Gerald R. Ford International Airport on eve of Election Day

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