Rebound: Trellis helping companies reinvent their workspace

Posted at 2:39 PM, Dec 21, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — It’s no secret that a majority of workplaces look very different this year, with so many employees working from home. But a local company is helping others get back to their jobs safely. Trellis, which is an authorized Herman Miller dealer, considers themselves “consultants.”

This father-son duo told FOX 17 that “they (businesses) have to look at their existing space and say, ‘What do we need to do to reconfigure that space?’” explained Bill Payne the company president and Will Payne, the vice president of marketing and design. Will explained that Trellis helps companies “maintain six feet within the office and understand circulation patterns, and how people move throughout in the office. To help them be safe but also continue being productive and collaborative.”

One trend according to the father-son duo is companies having fewer common or conference areas, which instead can be turned into valuable independent space. They add that the way furniture is assembled and with which type of material is also part of the changes they are recommending and seeing with companies.

“Fabrics and surfaces, specifically in health care in particular. Let’s take a typical waiting room. How do you get down into the crevices of a chair where previously you might have thought about it one way, now were looking at different materials used to go on the upholstered part of the chair. Also they can disassemble easily so you can actually take the seat off and get down in and clean those areas. So it’s truly taking a fresh look at sanitation across the board,” Bill Payne told FOX 17.

Trellis is available to consult small or large companies, adding, “We really want to be a consultant and adviser, or support, and in the end if we sell some furniture that’s great, but our approach is to really be a resource and help our customers solve problems.”

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