New Lions head coach Dan Campbell hoping to bring new identity to Detroit

Transparency, energy highlight introduction
Dan Campbell excited to get started as Lions head coach
Posted at 2:45 PM, Jan 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 16:45:19-05

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — The Detroit Lions are once again heading in a different direction after the hiring of Brad Holmes as General Manager earlier this week and now, they've found their next head coach.

Dan Campbell introduced as the Lions next head coach

On Thursday morning, the Lions introduced 44-year-old Dan Campbell as their next head coach and while it was just a press conference, his energy set the tone for where the franchise is headed.

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"I wanted this job, I wanted to be here," Campbell said right away, "I think this is a special place because I know this, when we bring a winner here it's going to be something we can all be proud of."

Fans have been speculative about Campbell's lack of experience as a coordinator in the past but one thing is for certain, he understands what the franchise and fan base have been through.

After all, Campbell played tight end for the Lions from 2006-08, which includes the 0-16 season.

"I don't blame you fans one bit, I get it," Campbell added, "there's no telling how many of these press conferences you've seen but I'll tell you this, this team is going to take on your identity. There's been tough times here in Detroit and you always found a way to get back up."

Campbell's transparency stood out right away as he took the podium, saying he won't make guarantees but the team will certainly play hard.

"I can sit up here and give you coach speak all day long, I can say, 'hey we're going to win this many games,'" Campbell said, "none of that matters and you guys don't want to hear it anyway, you've had enough of that s***, excuse my language."

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Most recently, Campbell served as the tight ends coach and assistant head coach for the New Orleans Saints but was also the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2015.

Fans have been focused on the search for Campbell's coaching staff and coordinators due to his lack of coordinator experience.

However, immediately after the press conference, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the Lions will hire 15-year NFL veteran and Saints defensive backs coach Aaron Glenn as their next defensive coordinator.

"I'm going to put the right coordinators in place," Campbell said, "I'll put the right staff together with those coordinators, they're going to be the right mix and balance of people who know who I am and know how to deliver the message."

The 44-year-old says his team will play with an identity and represent the city of Detroit.

He certainly wasn't shy about wanting his team to play with a chip on their shoulder.

"We're going to kick you in the teeth," Campbell said while showing his energy, "when you punch us back, we're going to smile at you. When you knock us down, we're going to get up and on the way up, we're going to bite a knee cap off and we're going to stand up and it'll take two more shots to knock us down, that's the mentality."

Campbell says he's now going to get to work on finding the rest of his coaching staff while working hand-in-hand with new General Manager, Brad Holmes.

"As soon as I get out of here I'm taking this jacket and tie off, I'm putting my Lions stuff on and I'm going to be on my phone and laptop and we're going to get this going."