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Jenison senior awaits kidney transplant

Andrew Medley battling glomerulonephritis
Posted at 11:39 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-10 10:09:19-05

JENISON, Mich. — Andrew Medley recently completed an all-conference senior season as a linebacker on the Jenison football team.

"I felt really good about this season and everything I got to be able to do and accomplish," he said.

Now, he has moved onto basketball season, but Medley is dealing with something most kids his age are not. He has rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis, meaning his kidneys are deteriorating and he needs a transplant.

"I knew I was getting more tired and worn out easily than what it used to be," Medley said. "But I thought I was just coming down with a cold or something."

Andrew was diagnosed eight years ago and he always knew someday he would need the transplant. Just recently, it was determined that it needs to occur as soon as possible.

"This is more scary than having a set date because you wake up and you know this might be the day that it happens. It's kind of scary every day."

He is waiting for the phone to ring and tell him that a match has been found.

"I think about it but I don't think about it constantly, I wake up and I wonder if today is the day. II do kind of get a little nervous when the phone rings, I hold off for a minute answer."

While he waits for the call, playing basketball keeps his mind off of things.

"It makes me feel at least a little bit more normal than what I am right now. And it makes me feel good just to go out there and play and not have to worry about anything."

Until recently, Medley hadn't told many people about his condition.

"I don't like to have people to look at me and say 'we need to take special treatment for him' or anything like that, because that is not really what I want, I just want to be treated like everybody else."

If it gets to mid-February and no donor is found, Medley's mother will donate a kidney to him.