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Bronson superintendent backs students pleading for winter sports

"This is absolutely something I can stand behind."
Bronson winter sport athletes plead for winter sports season
Posted at 3:31 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 23:30:19-05

BRONSON, Mich. — Over the past week, superintendents all across Michigan have been writing letters to Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services asking for a winter sports season.

"This is something I can stand behind"

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Bronson Community Schools superintendent, Steve Wilson is one of those advocating for looser restrictions.

"The number one factor that things boiled down to for me and our district is the well-being of our students," Wilson told FOX 17, "I look at the mental aspect of these things."

Bronson superintendent Steve Wilson with senior athletes
Bronson Community Schools superintendent, Steve Wilson sits with senior winter sport athletes during a Zoom call on January 28.

Wilson, along with Athletic Director, Jean LaClair, has been very vocal about the need for not only athletics but extra curricular activities for their students.

"I know right now there's a lot of rallying around athletics, but this is effecting more than just that," added Wilson, "we look at stuff like band, choir, social events and field trips that are an extension of the classroom."

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LaClair says her and Wilson have been on the same page that winter sports need to be played.

"Steve and I have talked at great depth about what this is doing to our students and the mental capacity that I'm most concerned with," LaClair added.

The Bronson athletes put out a two minute video with messages about why they need a winter sports season.

"We're doing all we can to play," said senior boys basketball player, Noah Hoetz, "we're wearing masks, staying six feet apart, we just want to play, that's the message we want to send right now."

The athletes say it means the world that Superintendent Wilson is supporting them the way he has.

"Him and Miss LaClair are so supportive all the time, it's a really great thing," said senior girls basketball player, Jenna Falek.

The athletes are hoping to get more than just a winter sports season, as they long for prom and other social events they've missed out on.

"It means a lot that they're really trying to help us get what we want," said senior cheerleader, Kennedy Outwater, "it's our senior year and we've already lost so much. Seeing that they're really pushing to help us, it's not just us, we're all in it together."

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And Wilson says he knows some of his colleagues are staying silent right now, but this is something he truly believes in.

"This is something I absolutely can stand behind, there are big implications here that are outside of athletics. A lot has been taken from these students. It's very important they have opportunities to do this, we believe in the whole child and developing the whole chiild but right now, I don't think we can do that to the best of our ability because of these restrictions."

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