Applied Imaging helping companies Rebound

Posted at 9:51 PM, Aug 02, 2020

WEST MICHIGAN — Applied Imaging has been helping businesses with their office needs in Michigan since the 1980's and now they, like so many other companies, have pivoted in an effort to continue helping businesses reopen as soon as safely possible.

For starters, Applied Imaging has put together a Return to Work playbook, checklist, and healthy office brochure.

Casey Lowery, director of sales at Applied Imaging, described it to FOX 17 as "a strategy guide, communication plan, and develops a protocol if there are confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, ensuring safety in the workplace."

The free helpful guidelines are available to any company looking to rebound safely can be found at

Applied Imaging is also offering the services of a body temperature check kiosk for rent or purchase.

"It will recognize who you are and basically take a temperature from a foot away," Lowery explained. "So, non-contact, as long as you're within a certain range. The real goal is to not have somebody sitting at the front desk with a thermometer taking everybody's temperature as they come in the front door, so it's a way to automate that."

Lowery said prices vary between kiosks--one that is self standing and another that goes on top of a desk--but costs no more than $5,000 and doubles in helping with two factor authentication.

"For that technology, anybody who is going to invest in one, wants to make sure there's some relevance after there's a need to take temperatures," said Lowery.

To learn more about the kiosk, go to the chat section of their website.