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We’re Open: Phil’s Bar & Grille maintains quality with favorite foods for takeout

Posted at 9:25 AM, Dec 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-22 09:25:43-05

SAUGATUCK, Mich. — “Probably one of my favorite parts of this restaurant is watching all the different relationships that have formed over the past 18 years.”

Brandi Pearce, owner of Phil’s Bar & Grille, misses the restaurant atmosphere that encouraged those relationships: getting to know a neighbor at the bar, conversations over dinner. But she points with pride to how her eatery and its staff have responded to pandemic restrictions.

“I like to brag about everything that our incredible kitchen staff makes,” she says. That would include community favorites like Phil's Pasta and fall-off-the bone ribs.

But the support of the community, she says, is the key to Phil’s Bar & Grille staying in business.

“We consider our employees family, as well as all the locals that have supported us all these years. So in turn, they are buying the certificates, which is obviously helpful. And they're supporting our takeout business. And so there's a constant cash flow with that.”

Doing business during a pandemic is new for every owner, and it can mean inconsistent hours of operation. To deal with that, Pearce has turned to Facebook, like many owners of different types of businesses we have talked to. She posts notices on hours and specials.

“My motto since March has literally been day by day,” she notes. “And I did not ever dream that that would live on through December. And I still every single time I post on Facebook, it is day by day. And everyone's been very understanding, of course; they've been very understanding, and again, supportive.”

“This has been a huge reminder to me that it's not just about the restaurant businesses and takeout food. It is about all of these businesses in town that are family owned, small businesses that need your support to survive. It is so important this year to shop local.”

Phil’s Bar & Grille, 215 Butler Street, Downtown Saugatuck

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We're Open: Tasty takeout at Phil's Bar & Grille