Winter Weather Advisory Today

Wind, Snow Showers, Falling Temperatures
Posted at 7:56 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 06:37:09-05

WEST MICHIGAN - A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been posted for all of the area through 10 P.M. this evening. We expect lake-effect snow showers and strong gusty winds driving temperatures and visibilities down.

Lake effect snow showers will commence this morning and continue through the day with strong westerly winds bringing accumulations inland all the way to U.S. 131 and beyond. Don't look for much snow! We expect about 1" to 2" in most spots, with 3" to 4" in some of the more persistent bands that develop. Westerly winds will be sustained at 15 to 30 mph with gusts to 50 at/near the lakeshore and 40/45 mph inland. That means the heaviest snow will not occur at the immediate lakeshore, but further inland. Those winds will drive wind chills or feels like temperatures into the teens today, single digits overnight, and teens on Tuesday. Winds remain breezy through tonight, but diminish by daybreak Tuesday. See the images below.

DMA RPM Wind Speed Gust Direction.png
DMA RPM Wind Speed Gust Direction1.png

Keep in mind while we may not see much snow, temperatures will be dropping and wind speeds may cause brief white-out conditions, especially on north-south roadways. We've seen multi-car pile-ups in previous years from similar situations, so please drive with care.

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