Turn the clocks back tonight

We Return to Eastern Standard Time
Posted at 9:28 AM, Nov 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-06 09:29:27-04

WEST MICHIGAN - This is the weekend when we return to Eastern Standard Time. We turn our clocks back one our Saturday night/Sunday morning! We'll gain another hour of sleep, but our daylight hours continue to get squashed with sunset occurring an hour earlier on Sunday at 5:27 P.M.

Sunrise today occurred at 8:23 A.M., while sunset occurs at 6:28 P.M.. Both of these occur an hour earlier after the time change on Sunday! Our daylight hours continue to grow shorter until the winter solstice December 21. Normal highs for this time of year have us at 51 degrees. Normal lows have us at 36.

In addition to changing all the clocks in your home and cars, make sure to change the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms/detectors.

Our forecast the next three days will feature dry, sunny conditions with temperatures eventually warming to around 60 Sunday and Monday. Our next shower chance arrives later Tuesday, with better chances arriving with a bigger system on Thursday and Friday. We have the chance of rain, snow showers, wind, and sharply colder temperatures by next Friday and Saturday. See our forecast model image below. The first one is valid for 6 A.M. Thursday. Note the rain is still off to the west and our temperatures ahead of this system are still mild in the upper 50s. The second image is valid for 6 P.M. Friday. We expect windy, colder, blustery conditions with the chance of rain and snow showers on Friday.

EURO Extended Clouds Radar.png
EURO Extended Clouds Radar2.png

We'll talk more about this bigger system next week as we get a little closer. Have a pleasant week.