Fall officially arrives Wednesday afternoon

And it will feel like it!
Posted at 8:49 AM, Sep 21, 2021

WEST MICHIGAN - If you haven't heard, fall officially arrives on Wednesday at 3:21 p.m. eastern daylight time. That's the precise minute the sun is overhead of the equator on its trek southward to begin spring in the southern hemisphere.

The autumnal equinox, as it's called, means equal days and equal nights...about 12 hours of each. We'll start losing even more daylight hours now!

Normal high temperatures for this time of year have us at about 72. It will be sharply colder than that behind a cold front, in addition to scattered showers and extensive cloud cover Wednesday and Thursday. Highs only in the upper 50s to around 60!

Heavy rain is possible through Thursday, especially from Lansing to Detroit, where three to five inches may fall. Take a look at two of our forecast models that show totals rainfall between now and 6 p.m. Thursday.

DMA GFS Accumulated Rain.png
DMA EURO Accumulated Rain.png
6Z RPM 12KM Midwest.png

Low pressure over the Great Lakes will spiral rain into the state over the next few days. The image above is valid for 6 a.m. Thursday. You can clearly see the heaviest rain is expected outside of most of the immediate West Michigan area. Get the complete forecast at