Clean air action day on Wednesday

Heat and humidity are going to impact air quality
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Posted at 10:26 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2023-08-22 12:10:36-04

WEST MICHIGAN — All of West Michigan is under a CLEAN AIR ACTION DAY for Wednesday August 22, 2023. Some of us may remember the old Ozone Action Day or Air Quality Alert Day, but it's just simply known as a Clean Air Action Day. The idea is to refrain from things that contribute to ground level ozone or pollution here at the surface. If you can car pool or bike to work or school, there are little/no emissions (or lower emissions) which helps our air quality.

We should all refrain from running gas powered equipment like lawnmowers or weedwackers as they contribute to ground level ozone. Try to not refuel you vehicle as well. The vapors generated while refueling or topping off the tank create ground level ozone or pollution here at the surface. While most of us may not be affected by these things, those with asthma, or the very old, or elderly may have difficulty breathing.

Many times we see an increase in particulate matter and/or pollution from Northwest Indiana, Chicago, and Milwaukee, with factories/industries spewing less than clean air. That tends to find its way across Lake Michigan and decrease our air quality. Again, anything we can do to reduce our ground level ozone or pollution on these CLEAN AIR ACTION Days certainly can help. For other ideas or suggestions, or to educate yourself a bit more on this issue, visit the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition website.

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