Wiggins headed for warmer weather after committing to North Carolina

The K-Central star will play basketball in the ACC
Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 17:20:09-04
K-Central basketball player commits to UNC

Morasha Wiggins knows she wants out of Michigan.

"I've lived in Michigan my whole life and every morning I wake and I'm like mom, dad why Michigan?" Wiggins, who recently committed to the University of North Carolina to play basketball said with a laugh. "Out of all the places in this country to live why choose Michigan?"

The weather is enough it make many dream of living in warmer places and Wiggins has earned the chance to do it in North Carolina as a member of the Tar Heels basketball team.

"I instantly connected with coaches and I instantly connected with the girls," Wiggins said. "I knew that I didn't want to stay in Michigan so I had to be able to connect with people because I am not going to be at home."

Wiggins made basketball look easy as a freshman and sophomore at Kalamazoo Central, but last winter she tore her ACL in December and missed most of the season.

"I want to say this is the toughest obstacle I've ever faced," Wiggins said. "It's not really the physical part that's hard it's the mental part. So once you get over the mental blockade you are completely fine."

Wiggins' rehab is progressing well. She is hoping to be given full clearance later this summer.

Despite her injury, the college interest never wavered.

"After I got hurt I was kind of scared for that aspect of the game," Wiggins said. "It was like are they still going to talk to me just because I just had this huge injury? I want to say just about every school stuck with me through the process."

Something she was thankful for. When she made her college decision she called the coaches of the schools that she did not pick to make sure they heard the news from her first.

"I didn't want to put anything out on social media and have coaches find out that oh I have a great relationship with this kid but she was afraid to tell me that she is not going to my school." Wiggins said. "So I just wanted to let everyone know just to be respectful."

She expects to be ready for her senior season at Kalamazoo Central and has lofty team goals, but also wants to prove some things individually.

"To come back better than I was before just to show people that one injury isn't going to stop me." Wiggins said. "It is going to make me better."

And then it will be off to warmer weather in Chapel Hill.