Cook carries confidence into third PGA Championship start

The Yankee Springs pro starts at 2:37 on Thursday
Ben Cook
Posted at 5:15 PM, May 18, 2021
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Cook carries confidence into third PGA Championship

In the last two months Ben Cook has finished fourth in a PGA Tour Latin America event, second in a mini tour event and third at the PGA Professional Championship.

His game is trending.

In a practice round Monday for the PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Cook said he was hitting his driver as well as he ever has.

"I told myself on, I think it was hole 14, dang, it's too bad it's Monday because I was hoping it was Thursday," Cook said with a laugh. "But it definitely gives me confidence because knowing that I can hit those shots and that I can hit the fairways where I need to and the ball is doing what I want it to do and I am not fighting anything, which is really good."

Ben Cook putting
Ben Cook putts at Yankee Springs

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island will play 7800 yards making it the longest in major championship history, but that is not something that will intimidate the Director of Instruction at Yankee Springs Golf Course in Wayland.

"I am definitely not the shortest player in the field, I hit it pretty far," Cook said. "I think that is something that will be almost an advantage for me just because I hit it as far as the guys on tour if not further then a lot of them, so I don't care if it's longer because it makes it harder for everybody."

This will mark the third straight year Cook has teed it up at the PGA, missing the cut the last two times but learning a great deal in the process.

"Just realizing that, especially in these majors, even par is really good," Cook said. "Bethpage, I think at the end of the week if you were even, you were top ten, if not better. Last year, I guess the cut at Harding was a little lower, it was plus one, but still even par two days you are making a cut."

Ben Cook swing
Ben Cook swings at Yankee Springs

There were no fans last August in San Francisco, but the galleries are back this week.

"There is fans again, there is kids walking around, signing some autographs which is cool," Cook said. "And then some random cheers and guys heckling you from the stands which is pretty funny so it makes it way better."

Cook will be part of the final group out on Thursday playing with Mackenzie Hughes and Takumi Kanaya at 2:37 p.m..