Postma brothers use NASCAR experience to their advantage at Berlin

Matt and Jason Postma run in the 4 cylinder class
Postma Brothers Racing
Posted at 3:19 PM, Aug 02, 2021
Postma brothers use NASCAR experience to their advantage at Berlin

Matt and Jason Postma have always loved racing.

"Every Sunday I sit down and watch the race," Matt Postma said.

"Grandpa, we blame him for everything," Jason Postma said. "He's a gearhead, we all got it from him."

Jason, the older of the Postma brothers, decided he would make racing more than a just hobby, he made it a career.

"Went to the NASCAR school, went to a pit crew school," Jason said. "That eventually led to Red Horse Racing."

He was a tire specialist and rear tire carrier on a pit crew in the trucks series for two years and even spent some time with a cup team as well.

Postma Brothers Racing
Postma Brothers Racing

Recently, Jason, decided to move back home to Hudsonville and start a family, but he was hardly done with racing.

"It is always in your heart," Jason said. "It is a passion of yours and moving back I knew we were in trouble with my brother wanting to buy a car."

Matt bought a car and Jason is his crew chief.

The brothers team up to form Postma Brothers Racing (PBR) and have found success in year one at Berlin Raceway.

They are currently sixth in the points standings in the four cylinder class, even finding their way to victory lane back in May.

Jason's NASCAR experience has helped PBR in a big way.

"We get into the garage and he knows exactly what he's going to do and how he is going to do it," Matt said. "I'm just the helping hand and the guy that gets to drive it."

"Just knowing setup tricks and odds and ends stuff to deal with the car does help," Jason said.

Postma Brothers Racing
Postma Brothers Racing

Working on their passion together at their hometown track has made the brothers appreciate racing on an ever greater level.

"I look forward to ever Saturday, I love it," Matt said. "The racing family has accepted us and they are always a helping hand and also at the track, I love coming to the track."

"The NASCAR stuff was a lot of fun," Jason said, "but just being with the family, just being at the local track, this might top it."

There are four more race Saturday's scheduled for PBR this season at Berlin.