Noah Marcoux turns big spring with Davenport into red-hot summer with the Clippers

The Davenport star is hitting well this summer
Noah Marcoux, Clippers
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 20, 2021
Marcoux turns big spring with Davenport into red-hot summer with the Clippers

Noah Marcoux is currently crushing the baseball.

"This is probably the best I've ever hit the ball in my life," Marcoux said.

The Muskegon Clippers' first baseman is hitting over four hundred with eight home runs and 45 runs batted in, all ranking in the top two in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.

"The confidence level is up but I try to stay on that flat line, mellow, keep everything simple," Marcoux said. "Don't try to get to ahead of myself."

In the spring, Marcoux led the GLIAC in home runs and runs batted in while hitting .392 playing for Davenport.

Noah Marcoux, Clippers
Noah Marcoux, Clippers

He credits an early season adjustment for the success.

"I changed my swing up a little bit," Marcoux said. "Me and my hitting coach we worked, I struggled in the first two weeks, so we went back and changed some things, and I found some success with the new stance, and I found some more power. I started to see the ball better too, so I think that helped."

His coaches say he never stops working.

Marcoux does not like to be idle and that is why he spends so much time on his craft.

"I'm just anxious, I jitter and jump around so I need to be moving and doing something, so I think that's what gets me going," Marcoux said. "Baseball, the love for it, I got to be out there, be on the field doing something at all times."

Noah Marcoux, Clippers
Noah Marcoux, Clippers

Marcoux has one more year with the Panthers and if he continues on his current trajectory, could hear his name called next summer in the Major League Baseball draft.

"The goal is to play on, but if that doesn't happen, I'm just going to keep putting work in and hope for the best," Marcoux said.

Marcoux and the Clippers will wrap up the regular season this week playing three of their final four games at home.