Lowell volleyball team practices outside, hopes for season

Team is utilizing Pink Arrow court for practice
Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 18, 2020
Lowell volleyball team practices outside, hopes for season

Several high school sports in Michigan have been forced to find new ways to operate.

With gyms closed, high school volleyball teams have been forced outside and it is a bit different than being in the gym.

“Definitely the sun," Lowell senior setter Sophie Powell said. "Looking up trying to set when the sun is in your eyes is way harder.”

“The whole wind aspect," Lowell senior outside hitter Jenna Reitsma added. "The sun is your eyes.”

But these girls aren't complaining, they are just happy to be playing.

“It is definitely what we can do to keep playing," Reitsma said. "It is definitely different but it is fun because our pink arrow match we play outside so it is just giving us a taste of that game just for a long period of time.”

Each year the Red Arrows play one outdoor game that usually comes with one outdoor practice.

As they wait for gyms to reopen, Lowell has been practicing outdoors on the court they use for the annual Pink Arrow game.

“It gives our kids more realistic practice," Lowell volleyball coach Jordan Drake said. "Being on a hard surface rather than on the grass or on the sand like other programs are doing right now.”

The team is hopeful for a season.

“We are going to do what we can," Reitsma said. "We are going to follow all the precautions so that we can to play, if we have to put masks on we will do it just because we want to play, that is what we are here for. The waiting for it is definitely nerve racking.”

“We are doing what we are told," Powell added. "We would wear masks if we are told to to have a season we just want to have our season whenever that may be. We are just hoping for the best right now.”

Volleyball teams are awaiting word from the Michigan High School Athletic Association on competition, that is supposed to come down this week.

“We are just trying to go one practice at a time making sure we are developing our kids the best that we can," Drake said. "We are practicing as if we have a season and that we have our first match on Saturday.”

The Red Arrows are scheduled to take part in a quad at Grand Haven on Saturday.