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Zeeland East girls track and field team eager to compete after year off

Chix return 5 that scored at 2019 state meet
Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 23:01:53-04
Chix eager to compete after year off

It had been 22 months since the Zeeland East girls track and field team last competed in 2019 finishing third at the division two state meet.

"I do feel a lot stronger and even looking at pictures from the past I feel I look different," Chix senior sprinter Lauren Anderson said. "More prepared and more mentally ready for another season."

"Because of our really good strength program I have been able to get a lot stronger even during the off season and so far this year," Zeeland East senior thrower Greta Robrahn added. "I am just trying to have a positive attitude about it this year."

The Chix have five back that scored at the state meet two years ago, but the lack on competition has been an obstacle.

"It's definitely different but I'm glad we are back and we are able to throw," Zeeland East senior thrower Shelby Ulven said. "Being gone for a year and not being able to throw I lose my form but I get it back after practicing."

"Nothing gets you better like competition does," Chix head coach Josh Vork said. "There is definitely some growing pains early in the season because we did miss out on that whole year of competition."

Zeeland East will get to see just how good it can be moving up this spring from division two to division one.

"It was definitely shocking to hear initially," Anderson said about the move up. "Now that we are actually in it and we have started to compete at a couple meets, I feel pretty confident in how the season will go."

"We are so lucky to have so much experience," Vork added. "Going back two years and thinking how good that group was at such a young age and now being able to have them lead the young kids and show them how we do things around here, show them what it's like to be really good while still trying to fulfill their own dreams and goals."

The Chix host Wyoming and Grand Rapids Union for an OK Green meet on Wednesday.