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The Unity Christian Chandlers: twins receive glory, praise teammates for success

Cam and Drew Chandler lead Crusaders to Ford Field
Chandler Twins
Posted at 11:02 PM, Nov 23, 2021
The Unity Christian Chandlers

The high-powered Unity Christian offense has been led all season by identical twins Cameron and Drew Chandler.

Drew, a senior running back and linebacker, is six minutes older that Cam, a senior quarterback and safety.

They can be very hard to tell apart.

"Some say I have a more square chin," Drew said. "His is more of a triangle."

When asked who the better athlete is, they weren't biting.

"I think we are good at different things," Cameron said. "Basketball, he tends to shoot better, I tend to play defense more."

"His running times are faster, but I don't know, I think I'm faster," Drew said. "A number can't make me think different."

When we sat down to talk on Monday before the division four state championship, where the Crusaders will take on Chelesa, the twins had just come from getting their haircut. They don't spend much time apart.

"Everything you do throughout the day, we usually do it together," Cameron said. "So we are always together."

The Cha
Drew and Cam Chandler listen in to a defensive huddle in Saturday's division four state semifinal game

Winning football games and winning them big, is included.

"It is pretty cool," Cameron said. "Just like he (Drew) is my real family, all my teammates are like my family, so we are doing this together."

Many people both in and out of the Crusaders program have referred to the team as the "Unity Christian Chandlers" because of the twins propensity to score.

"We obviously score a lot of touchdowns, but I would say they put in way more effort to make the team succeed," Cameron said about his teammates. "All I do is grab the ball and run."

"We definitely would not be getting this kind of attention if they didn't do what they did," Drew added.

Unity Christian is 23 points away from the state's single season scoring record of 774 points.

The Crusaders will look for their second state championship in football Friday night when their game with the Bulldogs kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at Ford Field in Detroit.