Bigger numbers bring excitement at Unity Christian

The Crusaders have 31 players on varsity
Posted at 1:58 PM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 20:32:18-04
Bigger numbers bring excitement for Unity Christian

Unity Christian has done quite well for the last ten plus years with just over 20 players on the varsity.

This fall the Crusaders have 31 players on varsity in fall camp.

“We’re excited to have kids not have to be in on everything, to get a break during the practice to not have to go half line all the time with stuff," head coach Criag Tibbe said. "It'll be different but I'm hoping that it turns out to be a really good experience for us as coaches now and these guys.”

“We definitely have more guys this year it has been a while since we've had 30," senior defensive back Lucas Huttinga said. "That's gonna be new it's going to be good and we have some big guys up front that's going to really help us out this year, we're looking forward to it.”

Unity Christian will once again field three levels of football with 16 or 17 kids on the freshman and junior varsity teams.

“It definitely is it's a lot nicer," senior running back Malekhi Obande said. "When we run full team offense and full team defense we'll get a little bit more of a break and stuff having more subs. But yeah, it's a lot nicer.”

The Crusaders also make the move to the OK Blue this year where they could be considered the favorite to win the conference something they have never done in program history.