The Rebound: Ready to fly? What you should know about e-credits, rewards and more

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 12:24:20-04

(WXMI) — As states continue with measured re-openings, more people are thinking about travel once again.

Over the last several months, the coronavirus pandemic has battered airlines and the travel industry as a whole.

“This is the most dramatic thing I have seen affect the industry in my almost 20 years of covering aviation,” The Points Guy Senior Aviation Editor Ben Mutzabaugh said.

But as more Americans start to board planes again, the light at the end of the tunnel, right now, is a little brighter.

“We do seem to be on a curve for recovery at least as far as people traveling again, airlines adding back flights,” Mutzabaugh said.

Chances are if you were planning on flying earlier this year, your flight was canceled or your plans were changed; you likely got an e-credit from the airline, which can be used for a future flight.

Experts say airlines are being flexible but you should keep up to date with their policies.

“Some of them are giving you up to two years to use this e-credit toward a future flight. Do a little bit of your own homework to make sure that you use it before it expires, and that sometimes means flying before the end of the expiration date, not just redeeming it,” Mutzabaugh added.

If you are comfortable getting on a plane soon, there could be ways for you to save on flights with relatively low prices, you can even take advantage of different rewards that are now available.

“If you're willing to travel and you're comfortable with the risk, I think you should be looking for [low cost flights] check often, check frequently. You never know when that $97 round trip is going to pop into your search,” Mutzabaugh explained.

“There are some promotions that we are seeing right now, one example, American Airlines is offering double miles right now for flights during the next few months,” he added.

We could see more of those deals over time, but there is still some uncertainty so if you are planning on booking a trip soon, know that things could change.

“Things can change on a dime so I would just say, make your plans, but know that there's always a little bit of uncertainty with us right now,” he added.


Check with your airline, double check their e-credit policy.

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