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We’re Open: O’Flynn’s Art Gallery & Craft Shoppe is a flexible space for art, crafts, gatherings

Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 20, 2021

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. — O’Flynn’s Art Gallery & Craft Shoppe was open for just a few months before response to the pandemic shut down just about everything. It created some significant challenges for a business that was already becoming known as a place the see art, create art, learn artistic expressions through a variety of classes, and simply gather.

But O’Flynn’s is on the road to rebound.

Their calendar is full of class offerings, artist visits, and open hours.

Those open hours provide a chance for anyone to stop in a view art on display: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each Saturday, the O’Flynn’s is filled with creators displaying and selling their works.

“O’Flynn’s is a place where the community can come together, and they can show off their talents and just inspire each other,” says Aprille Holovich, an associate and an instructor. She teaches American Sign Language, improv for teens and adults, and tarot reading. “O’Flynn’s has a variety of different things going on.”

Each month, a different artist’s work is featured, and usually the artist is present on opening day. For instance, Lucy Baker will be at O’Flynn’s on Saturday, April 24. Her art is a regular feature at O’Flynn’s.

We're Open: Art, crafts, classes, and events at O'Flynn's

“Mommy, Daddy, & Me” is a new offering. “It's for youngsters to come in with either their mom or their dad, and they'll do different activities each time the class meets,” says Holovich. “And it's just a really great way for youngsters to have that special time with their parent, and kind of just go out and do something other than just, you know, being at home.”

The unique layout at O’Flynn’s allows for the space to be rented for “birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, even just little family events where people are trying to get out of the house but still have room to kind of social distance, Holovich says. It's possible because the art on display is in view along the walls but the center space is open and clear. The art provides a pleasant addition to such gatherings. And O’Flynn's helps out with the tables and chairs.

Back to the classes: They are offered free to veterans. All they have to do is ask. To defray costs of the free classes and supplies, O’Flynn’s has a GoFundMe page anyone can contribute to.

O’Flynn’s Art Gallery & Craft Shoppe, 60 N. Main Street, Cedar Springs, 937-903-9233

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