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We’re Open: Morning Star Café maintains 25-year legacy with takeout

Posted at 8:10 AM, Jan 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 08:09:59-05

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — The 25-year legacy of Morning Star Café is so strong that people are still walking in to enjoy sit-down dining, unaware the restaurant is only serving takeout due to pandemic restrictions.

“I mean, everything's changed,” says front of house manager Abby Ashcraft, who herself is a Morning Star veteran of nine years.

“We have we have patrons who dine with us on a daily basis when we're open. And we haven't seen quite a few of them in a while. So it's a big difference.”

Morning Star Café still serves Southwestern style breakfast and lunch, but just for takeout.

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But the staff has pitched in some new creations to stir up the pot. “Every day our kitchen staff comes up with different salads or sandwiches, A lot of soups and things that we sell by the quart,” Ashcraft notes. “We'll do platters breakfast, choco platters, stuffed French toast platters. And we'll sell our pancake batters by the quart so people can make our pancakes in their own kitchen.”

"We've tried our hand at pizza, and it's become super popular. So, we make pizza probably once a week -- the dough anyway. And then we prepare take-and-bake big pizzas for people to bring home.”

“We sell our coffees by the pound. Our granola is homemade, and we sell that by the pound. Our salsas are all homemade. It's a scratch kitchen, so basically anything we make we can sell in bulk form.”

Meanwhile, Morning Star Café has created some quick breakfast deals, combining coffee and breakfast sandwiches, perfect for takeout. “The decision to dine with Morningstar over McDonald's is going directly to the pockets of our staff, so that's really important,” Ashcraft says.

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