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We’re Open: B2 Outlet Stores raise money for local non-profits

Posted at 9:23 AM, Dec 09, 2020

With nearly a couple of dozen stores around Michigan—most of them in West Michigan—the B2 Outlet Stores offer a couple of dozen different merchandise mixes. Every item is new; nothing is used. And all prices are well below retail.

All of those things are important to know about B2 Outlet stores, which are open in West Michigan for the holidays and beyond, but the most important thing to know is what happens to the money that each store’s sales generates.

“When we come into your community, you get a great product brand new for a great price,” said chief retail officer Kathy Riedel, “but then also the nonprofits get back a percentage of every sale.”

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“We've given back $300,000 already just this year,” she says, and that’s while the pandemic has raged all around us. “It is pretty amazing.”

We're Open: B2 Outlet stores sell only new merchandise

Each store manager makes sure their store fits with the communities they sell in, so you will find each store’s inventory different. Plus, with B2’s buyers discovering new opportunities all the time, you could go to the same store and find different goods in every visit.

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And while the mission of B2 Outlet Stores is to contribute to the missions of various nonprofit organizations, they sell at big discounts.

During the pandemic, staff began holding Facebook Live sales in addition to offering curbside service. Use the search term “B2 Outlet Store” inside Facebook to see which stores are there.

B2 Outlet Stores website

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