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Problem Solved: Historian says unemployment benefits posted to her account after talking with FOX 17

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jul 09, 2020

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. — Less than 12 hours after FOX 17 aired a woman’s plea to the state’s unemployment agency, she’s now celebrating.

The main reason is because her money is on its way, and she says it’s because of our team that her problem was solved.

Carol Bacak-Egbo is a historian for Oakland County Parks.

She’s been waiting nearly 14 weeks for her back pay from unemployment.

She says, an issue within the system showed her working full time for six weeks and getting paid even when she and her supervisor both told us that was not the case.

On Wednesday night she spoke with me about her issues.

After I contacted the agency on her behalf, she woke up this morning to see the payments hit her unemployment account.

“It entered at 3AM so it happened just after the interview and everything so thank you. You got through when nothing else was working,” said Egbo. “And the thing that touches my heart most, I’m way far away from you. I’m a little historian in Oakland County and you guys cared enough to be the only ones who would really take it on and do something, so thank you.”

Carol tells me more than $6,000 is about to hit her checking account but she’s still working on getting all of her weeks paid out.

We’ve forwarded her remaining concerns to the UIA who is looking into it.

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