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Monica's Gourmet Cookies owner and daughter write children's book

Posted at 9:41 AM, May 07, 2020

Say the words, “Monica’s Gourmet Cookies” and FOX 17’s Leigh Ann Towne’s ears perk up like a puppy! Guess what, she’s not alone. Based out of Kentwood, 3668 29th St SE, Monica’s cookies are shipped worldwide and available in their iconic giant glass jars in stores around Michigan. It is a cookie that boasts a texture, look, and feel like no other; it is truly a work of baker’s art.

Even with the pandemic, Monica Mitidieri’s staff has been busier than ever, shipping corporate orders and preparing for Mother’s Day. However, slowing down just is not in Monica’s vocabulary; so, it comes as no surprise that she recently released a children’s book along with her daughter, Jordan, called “The Annual Royal Bake-Off".

So, how did this sweet new chapter come to be? Well, for years, Jordan dressed up as a Cookie Fairy, bringing tasty cookies to places like children’s hospitals and beyond. Less than two years ago, they decided to transform that into “The Annual Royal Bake-Off" featuring Cookie Fairy, Sugarbelle, and her sidekick, Lemmy, the dog. Many characters in the book are based on characters in their own bake shop, the Mitidieri ladies admit.

Not only is there a book, but kids can cuddle up to plush versions of Sugarbelle and Lemmy, too, as they read how the duo was so eager to enter the Annual Royal Bake-Off only to find that the evil Red Velvet Queen and Mr. Fudge have ill intentions of ruining entries! Will the evil queen prevail? Will Sugarbelle and Lemmy make it to the Royal Ball? Go to to get your hands on the book. Don’t just get that book, you need to get or send some of those fantastic cookies, too!

Monica and Jordan say that ideas for future books are already in the works so stay tuned!