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Fun with Legos

Posted at 9:20 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 09:20:57-04

We have officially entered the “stepping on LEGOs” phase in our household; our 4-year-old is obsessed! Sure, we can build cute cars, houses and see how tall we can build them but, there are ways that you can create interactive, competitive games with LEGOs, too.


A table-top ring toss is something that everyone in the family can enjoy! You will need a LEGO base and just build various towers of LEGOs throughout the board. About seven tall would work great! Then, just turn pipe cleaners into rings; two different colors could signify what team you are on. Then, just see who can toss the rings onto the stacks. Keep score, turn into a math assignment, have fun!


Even my husband’s ears perked up when I said, “Honey, did you know you can make a LEGO marble maze?” You know what corn mazes look like, right? Well build one of those on a LEGO base. A marble will be needed or a ball about that size. Challenge each other by timing who can pick up the base and maneuver the marble to the very end the fastest.


Who says that tic tac toe can only be played with pen and paper? Create a grid out of LEGOs on a LEGO base. Then, each of you decide which color of LEGO will represent your “x” or “o”. You know how the rest goes!


Give your child something to look forward to every day, for a month. The 30-Day LEGO Challenge is something you can print out or just access online. Daily, there are different scenarios, requiring your child to build what the problem is requesting. For instance, “You were hired by an amusement park to create a new roller coaster.” Then, their little imaginations can run wild!