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Forever Home: Kandlyn

Forever Home: Kandlyn
Posted at 7:39 AM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 07:39:32-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mi. — In our Forever Home series, we meet a child in the foster care system who needs a family to love and support them. This week we catch up with Kandlyn, a young lady who adores animals. The 16-year-old loves dogs, cats, even rats!

She's funny, kind and very smart - she truly enjoys school. Algebra and science are her favorite subjects. And when she's not in class, and not with her four-legged friends, you will often find her with a book in her hands. She says, "I just got finished with my Game Master book I just read that I just started to read that yesterday, I just finished that yesterday.” As a big sister, she shares what she knows with her younger siblings when she can, everything from help with school, to life advice. She hopes someday to have a brother and enjoys a unique hobby. "I like to build and tearing apart cars and putting back carburetors.” When it comes to parents, she has very simple requirements. She just wants them to be kind and to help her “do better.” In the meantime, this adaptable, kind young lady just has one request. "I want to play with more cats.” Many thanks to the Happy Cat Cafe in downtown Grand Rapids who very graciously let us shoot there. You can learn more about them by heading to their website. If you would like to learn more Kandlyn, or the adoption process in general, head to or call 855-694-7301.