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Family holiday break boards

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Posted at 9:06 AM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 09:22:35-05

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — No one is bored with a board! Take your entertaining to a new level with some help from registered dietician and national spokesperson for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Grace Derocha.

You’ve seen them on Pinterest, these amazing boards will satisfy every taste! We start with brunch, a little savory and a little sweet. You can include everything from bagels to lox, to eggs and sausage. Don’t forget those hashbrowns! On the sweet side, you can include pancakes and waffles, berries and syrup. This is your time to get creative!

And make sure you’re the most popular house on the block this winter with a hot cocoa board! Everyone will be smiling when they’re done with sledding when you have one of these. Butterscotch chips, white chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles are all great choices! Candy canes and cookies are also fabulous additions. You just whip up the hot chocolate, and let everyone customize their drink!

Here is more inspiration for bringing these boards to life:

Brunch Board

Ingredients – you can pick a variety of these options

Berries and a variety of fruit options
Peanut butter or nut butter of choice
Mini bagels
Cream Cheese
Bacon or sausage or Canadian bacon
Hard boiled eggs

Hot Chocolate Board

Ingredients – you can pick a variety of these options

Marshmallows – variety of sizes
Chocolate chips – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate
Peanut butter chips
Butterscotch chips
Regular and mini candy canes, some crushed
Fun sprinkles
Favorite cookies and/or pretzels
Pirouette cookies – can double as a stirrer
Candy bar
Whipped cream
Hot chocolate