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When does road construction end?

Posted at 10:04 AM, Nov 03, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The old joke says Michigan has two seasons: Winter and road construction.

The truth is, you’ll find lane closures popping up even during the winter, but major road projects commonly run from March or April until Thanksgiving.

Here’s how the schedule looks for the major freeway projects in West Michigan, subject to change:

I-196 from 32nd Avenue to the Kent/Ottawa county line

  • Phase 1 started on May 1 and Phase 2 started August 1, but the layout has been the same: I-196 eastbound traffic detoured onto M-6 eastbound.
  • The date for this project to be completed has remained unchanged: November 14.
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I-196 between Market Avenue and US-131

  • Since mid-May, there has been a lane closure on I-196 eastbound from Market Avenue to just after Lake Michigan Drive, with many weekend lane closures and freeway closures eastbound and westbound.
  • Ramp closures have restricted access to I-196 eastbound and westbound.
  • The original date for completion of this bridge repair project was October 31, but the schedule was extended by one week, so completion is now set for November 6.
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I-196 between Fuller Avenue and the East Beltline.

  • Easily the most complicated project this year, eastbound traffic has been slowed by a lane closure and traffic shift after Fuller Avenue since May 16.
  • The goal for this project is the completion of last year’s work on the interchange where I-96, I-196, and the East Beltline meet. This included the opening of a bridge leading from I-96 eastbound to the East Beltline, eliminating the need to change lanes across traffic to exit at the East Beltline.
  • The original completion date was August 6, but a major problem cropped up: water. MDOT designers and work crews have been working on a way to keep ground water from undermining the new construction.
  • After several delays, the current schedule has the project complete November 6, but there’s an indication the exit ramp to the East Beltline won’t be open until after November 9.
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I-94 at I-196 and US-31

  • Basically, work that is being done now is in preparation of two years of major construction in 2021 and 2022 to extend the US-31 freeway to meet I-94 at W. Main Street in Benton Township.
  • All related construction, including a lane closure on I-94 westbound and closures on W Main Street are scheduled to end by November 26.
  • The closure of Britain Avenue continues until June 30, 2021.
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