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"Love is simple": Couple says "I Do" amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted at 6:05 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-02 09:16:46-04

WEST MICHIGAN — Many couples are having to make tough choices about their upcoming weddings, as large social gatherings are still off-limits.

This week though, one West Michigan couple tied the knot “COVID-19 style,” to keep everyone safe, while making their dream day come true.

Bryan and Danisa Michaels said “I Do” Wednesday, April 29th at Sheridan Park in Coopersville.

Bryan Michaels said, "It was almost like, against all odds, we made it work."

He suffers from a few medical issues, so Bryan Michaels said they’d always planned on a small wedding, but theirs proved to very intimate. On their wedding day, it was just Bryan, Danisa, Bryan’s family and Officiant, Gust Bassianotis.

The owner of Forever Twogether, said “In this case, I say that love really won over the virus.”

The couple reached out to Bassianotis just twelve days prior, after getting turned down by other officiants.

Bassianotis said, “I made a vow to serve people and in this case, I felt that this was really important. We vowed to jump in and help people, we don’t look at it as ‘Well it’s not convenient for us,’ If we can, we are there for people.”

The ceremony had a few strings attached of course.

Bassianotis said, “10 or less, open air, no touching, except for the bride and groom obviously.”

With a date, time, and place all set, there was just one thing left.

Dawn Michaels, Bryan’s Mother said, “Even though it was going to be small for them, we wanted it to be as special as possible. I came up with the idea of making us all our own little facemasks and they all had their own that said ‘bride,’ ‘groom,’ and after the ceremony they had one that said ‘just married.’”

Dawn Michaels, painstakingly sewed those personalized masks, with love in every stitch.

Bryan’s Dad, Dan Michaels said, “She was up till midnight, 1 o’clock, three nights in a row making these masks and I thought that was so neat.”

It wasn’t your traditional wedding attire, but something that’s uniquely Bryan and Danisa’s on a day they’ll remember forever.

Danisa Michaels said, “For me it’s really unforgettable and amazing.”

The couple added that they were hoping to get married prior to April 21st when Danisa’s Visa expired. She’s from the Phillipines, but they said with clerks offices operating on a limited basis, they had to do most of the paperwork and mail it in.

The Michaels’ ceremony was Bassianotis’ third wedding during this pandemic and he has another small ceremony coming up Sunday, May 3rd.