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Allendale lights display brings much-needed joy ahead of holidays

Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 26, 2020

ALLENDALE, Mich — Allendale is already feeling the Christmas spirit.

The evening commute down Lake Michigan Drive is looking a whole lot brighter these days thanks to Shine Holiday Lighting of Holland.

The company’s owner, Brett Jasch, said that when they were asked by the township to take on the holiday this year, they wanted to make it extra special.

“230 trees are lit up and then each tree ranges from 13 to 15 strands and then each strand has about 50 little lights on it. So if you add them all up, we’re close to about 150,000 little bulbs.”

It took his team about four weeks to complete the task fitting all the trees in the road median, but Jasch said it was all worth it.

“Just bring a little more joy to people’s faces,” he said.

The crew started in October and has had the lights officially turned on for nearly a week.

Jasch said, “This year we decided to turn them on earlier, just given the time of the year and everything going on in all of our communities.”

Based on community Facebook posts, people really seem to agree that this year’s display is the top-notch.

“On social media there’s been quite a bit of feedback it seems that most people love all the lights and they’re just excited to see them on,” Jasch said.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, rules are out the window this year.

Jasch said, “It’s just that time of year when people see the Christmas lights on, and they’re so excite. It’s just something that everybody looks forward to.”

In a time where things seem a little dark, Jasch hopes their work can lift someone’s spirits…even for just those three miles.

“Just bringing hope. The lights to them reflect hope and good times and the holidays, so that’s really what we’re striving for.”

The lights will be on display throughout the month of January.