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Women's rights march held in Kalamazoo

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Posted at 11:32 PM, Oct 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-15 23:44:09-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Women, men, and the LGBTQ+ community came together in Bronson Park in Kalamazoo on Sunday, to march for women’s rights. It’s a cause that they say continues to come up, and that they plan to keep fighting for.

Kalamazoo City Commission member Jeanne Heff was one of the many people who came out to Sunday’s march. One of the reasons she attended was for her granddaughters.

“So they can grow up in a world where we don’t even to do this. Where it’s just common knowledge that women are equal,” said Heff. “And women have rights and women deserve everything that men do.”

Heff also says that it takes women coming together to get results.

“Women make a difference when we vote,” said Heff. “Women make a difference when we show up and women to make a difference when we speak.”

Another person who attended the march was Hannah Reed. Reed has been coming out to women’s marches over the last couple of years. She says that it’s nerve-racking to fight for things that were established so long ago. However, she says that they will keep fighting.

“It’s not a time to slow down,” said Reed. “I feel like it’s still a time to push forward and to be vocal and to not, not pretend that a change in administration means that everything’s okay.”

Organizations like Planned Parenthood and the YWCA were also in attendance.

Sharade Chambers was a co-organizer of the march. This was her third year helping to organize the event. Although the turnout was smaller than expected, she says that the message was mighty.

“The fight is still not over,” said Chambers. “Although we were able to pass our proposal and get it up to the state, we still have state legislators trying to tear that bill apart, trying to tear different things apart. And just remember that the fight is still not over.”

“It’s important to continue to stand up for what’s going on and not, not kind of rest on what we’ve already accomplished,” said Reed. “But keep moving forward until we make sure everyone’s rights are protected.”

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