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Protestors gather in front of Kalamazoo bar to raise awareness to allegations of drink tampering

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 08:14:47-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The investigation into a West Michigan bar over drink tampering continued at a protest on Monday.

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Protestors gathered in front of Y Bar & Bistro in Kalamazoo in response to the two Western Michigan University college students who accused the bar owner of tampering with and drugging multiple drinks.

They told Fox 17 they hoped to draw attention to the incidents they said have been happening for some time, standing in solidarity with those who say they've been affected.

A viral TikTok video made by two Western Michigan University students prompted action from police, other students and communithy members against the bar.



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The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety assigned multiple officers to the case last week.

Last week, Fox 17 spoke with the two women who the made the viral video, Grace and Abigail. They said they couldn't believe the amount of people sharing similar stories.

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"Just simply speaking up about something can help so many people. If you think you are alone in something, you are probably not. People have probably experienced it too. You coming forth might give them the courage to do so as well," said Bailey Crist, the organizer of the Y Bar & Bistro protest.

Bailey Crist, who attends Western Michigan University said she organized the protest to bring froth the incident that allegedly happened last Monday.

"The goal is to educate the public that this is not a good place to go, to bring forth the incident that happened last Monday and also to make people who have maybe experienced this feel a little safer coming forth and sharing if they want to," said Crist.

Another Western Michigan University student launched a petition to raise awareness on the initial lack of police response and show support for the women. As of Monday afternoon, the petition had over 8,000 signatures.

"That is something that shouldn’t need to cross your mind. You know, yes, it is good to be educated on everything but you shouldn’t have to wonder ‘am I going to get drugged tonight?’," said Crist.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said there new updates Monday in the investigation, and despite the accusations, they haven't named any suspects.

Fox 17 also reached out to Y Bar & Bistro once again in an attempt to contact the owner Jon Rockwood but have not yet heard back.

Police have not said whether Rockwood is involved in the investigation.