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Newly designed MBA program allows for in-person or virtual learning

Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 00:19:27-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A new MBA program at Western Michigan University is using new technology to connect people inside the classroom and those who are learning virtually.

The 'Hyflex' program allows students the option to learn in-person or do the course virtually.

This, however, is not a virtual course where a student can log on and do the program when the student would like. They have to be in the class in real-time to participate in discussion and activities.

Provost Jennifer Bott has returned to the classroom after 10 years in administration to teach the class, offered for the first time this semester.

"It’s incredible for me to be back in the classroom this semester," Bott said. "It’s one of those things you don’t realize how much you miss it until you experience it."

The pandemic has pushed education into new direction, such as new technology like this. It is also allowing students who work full-time to consider other options besides a traditional MBA.

"Two years ago, this wouldn't be possible," said Associate Dean of the College of Business Steve Newell. "The interaction between in class and these people online, it's seamless at this stage as it can get."

Admission rates are also high as people return for additional education or to create new career options in the workforce.

"It's really amazing this last year," Newell said. "We've had an intake and the number of people applying for the programs across the nation. So yes, I think now people are reinventing re-establishing or reevaluating what they want to do with their lives."

If you'd like to learn more about this program, click HERE.