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New video shows EGR hit-and-run never happened

The driver reached out to FOX 17 shortly after the alleged incident
Posted at 4:55 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 20:04:19-05

EAST GRAND RAPIDS — Police have taken no action in an alleged hit-and-run in East Grand Rapids.

The East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety tells FOX 17 new video of the Jan. 15 claim actually shows the hit-and-run never occurred.

Security cameras at Olive’s restaurant at the corner of Wealthy and Croswell, where the alleged incident took place, shows the pedestrian safely crossing the street – when in fact they claimed they were hit by a driver at the intersection.

A few days after FOX 17 aired its original coverage, the driver reached out to the station to set the record straight.

Alizae Holliman was driving to work that morning and remembers seeing the girl crossing the street safely.

“I stopped, still on my side of the four-way stop, waved her over to cross, and then she crossed, and then I drove forward,” said Alizae.

One week later, on Jan. 22, Alizae got a call from police, who had identified the car.

“The detective asks me, ‘When did you hit her?’” said Alizae. “I said, ‘Never! I did not hit her.’”

Eventually the investigation was dropped by EGRDPS with no action taken. Police had also been in contact with the pedestrian who filed the original police report.

“My life could’ve changed that day,” said Alizae. “It’s very chilling to think back on that.”

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