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Michigan writer's 2019 novel has strange similarities to the real plot to kidnap governor

Posted at 5:15 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 17:15:52-05

KENTWOOD, Mich. — A book titled "The Great American Cheese War," was supposed to be just that. A fictional book. When Paul Flower reads the back cover aloud, it makes you laugh at how ridiculous the plot seems.

Flower published The Great American Cheese War in 2019, with a London publishing company.

“They loved it because they don’t get Americans and our gun culture,” Flower said.

The plot of Flower's novel may sound oddly familiar.

“This book is about the Michigan governor getting caught up in a conspiracy involving a virus, the Michigan militia, and Wisconsin," Flower said.

It is satire.

“The serious issues that are underneath the humor are gun culture, second amendment debate, and this notion that we don’t know what’s true anymore. We have conspiracy theories that are floating everywhere,”

Then Flower's story, the one he wrote and published, started to become reality.

“I started getting freaked out in April. Because April was when members of the Michigan militia were suddenly inside the capital with guns,” Flower said.

As if that wasn't weird enough, October came. News of the FBI investigation into a conspiracy to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer hit.

“Then fast forward to October, and the news about the actual plot..and then I heard it ended in Wisconsin, I started getting phone calls from people asking if I was a time traveler,” Flower said.

You can buy a copy of Flower's book here.