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Video, images reveal vivid details of plot to kidnap governor

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Posted at 6:02 PM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 22:22:54-04

MICHIGAN — FOX 17 has obtained chilling images and video from the US Attorney's office revealing details surrounding the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

Among the pages of documents are screenshots of text messages, crudely drawn maps, and videos outlining different scenarios and training exercises.

"Have one person go to her house. Knock on the door and when she answers it just cap her... " One screenshot reads. The videos threaten the governor and anyone attempting to stop the plot once it's in action.

Alleged conspirators discuss codes and protocol, demanding changes when one person alerted the group police had questioned a former roommate. Screenshots and pictures show them doing surveillance on properties belonging to Whitmer and plans to stop police from intervening.

The group identifies someone only known as "Grandpa" as the person making plans and cutting off future protests and contact when authorities were believed to be too close.

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The language throughout the documents is graphic - as are some images in the videos. Plans include stashing med kits, buying get-away vehicles - or a "boog mobile", and practicing tactics from the basement of a store. Suspect Adam Fox was arrested from a store in Wyoming where he was staying in a basement.

The conspirators, only going by aliases in chats, describe their resentment of police and government officials, promising "...focused righteous anger backed by truth and morality..."

Anti-police conversations describe traffic stops as robberies, saying the police are throwing out the Constitution and planting evidence in preparation for future arrests.

"This is literally why those two cops were shot in Tuscon or Fresno... S*** is getting old." One conspirator wrote.

"Just wait it's gonna get worse" Another responded.

Still further in the conversation; "When it comes there will be no need to try and strike fear through presence. The fear will be manifested through bullets."

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In a side conversation, two of the conspirators openly discuss killing a former cop in Maine for a woman whose uncle allegedly owed her inheritance money.

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To date, 14 men have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and kill Governor Whitmer, cases for 5 of which were approved to move forward by the courts.

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