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Kentwood Cleanup Day a success for residents wanting to toss items before summer

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Posted at 7:39 PM, May 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-01 22:41:22-04

KENTWOOD, Mich. — The City of Kentwood helped its residents with their spring cleaning on Saturday in preparation for summer.

It’s been going on for more than 20 years, and it’s helping the city and those living there keep their properties neat and tidy.

“It’s an opportunity for our residents to get rid of junk,” said Kentwood Mayor and City Manager Stephen Kepley.

He was out at the City’s Department of Public Works for the annual community cleanup day.

“There’s two highlights for residents: one is July 4th festivities, and two is Kentwood Cleanup Day (laughing),” said Kepley.

Red Creek Waste Services was there to help people get ready for summer.

People are deep cleaning their homes, garages and yards, to have a clean slate. Whatever they don’t want they could drop off, but household hazardous materials or donations were not accepted.

“So, we also take in electronics, computers, old TV, mattresses,” said Kepley. “Those types of things that it may be hard or expensive to get rid of, they’re able to come here, and we have some great relationships with companies here in West Michigan that recycle technology, so it’s really a win-win for us.”

It’s also a win-win for those taking advantage of the free service.

“It saves me a huge headache,” said Treg Thomas.

Thomas decided to stop by and drop off some extra trash he had lying around in the garage. He tells FOX 17 if this weren’t an option, he’d have to pay the trash company to come pick it up.

“We did some renovation projects, and I was gonna have to make a run to the dump anyway,” said Thomas, “so I just found out about this through our neighborhood’s Facebook page, and I thought, ‘Great, I’ll run down here and take care of it.’”

It’s not just helping people inside their homes and garages but also keeping their entire property and the city looking nice.

“When you get here right at 8 o’clock, there’s a long line; it extends down the driveway and down 52nd Street,” said Kepley. “So we still have a couple cars waiting at 8, but it’s not as long of lines, and so maybe Kentwood is getting a little cleaner by the year.”

It provides an easy way for everyone to clean up at the same time, and every year they always see neighbors helping neighbors.

“So, it’s a really great way for neighbors to help each one, and we get to do it all on the same day, and frankly between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. a lot of cleanup is being done for our city.” said Kepley.

If you’re a Kentwood resident, you can also show your ID at Kentwood’s DPW Facility and bring in leaves, brush and limbs.

Dates and times can be found by clicking here.

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