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Kent County dispatchers see spike in emergency calls during winter blast

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jan 06, 2022

KENT COUNTY, Mich — As snow falls in parts of West Michigan, it's keeping dispatchers busy.

In Kent County, the dispatch center took in nearly 300 emergency calls on Wednesday alone, well above it's usual daily total.

Among the calls that came in, was a fatal crash in Walker.

"It was a big snow day, it was a big snow event," says Kent County Undersheriff Chuck Dewitt.

In addition to the emergency calls, The Kent County Dispatch Center also took 306 non-emergency calls in the same time period.

Dispatchers and officials say while snow and arctic air is common in West Michigan, there are things you can do to help prevent issues on the road. "By all means, yeah, slow down, move as far as way possible. And don't gawk, continue going at the pace of traffic because that can also pose problems," says Dewitt.

Officials do want drivers to note that if you see a car alongside the road with a yellow ribbon tied to it, it's already been checked out to make sure nobody is inside.

Dewitt says they're in constant contact with the National Weather Service to help monitor conditions in the area.