SCORE Grand Rapids helping businesses survive and thrive

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 24, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — According to SCORE Grand Rapids, about 65% of all new jobs in our economy are created by small businesses. SCORE is a national organization started by the Small Business Administration, that’s been providing free help to new and established businesses since the 1960’s.

SCORE Grand Rapids also serves Holland and has a 46 member team that is made up of retired business leaders that can provide help along the way during a local business’s journey.

Richard Walker, a retired Vice-President from AT&T is one of those volunteers, and says experience is the currency that SCORE brings to the table.

“Someone who has been there and done it. Generally the people we talk to have expertise in one or two aspects of running the business, but typically the entrepreneur doesn’t have the full compliment of skills that you need to run a successful business,” Walker told Fox 17.

After an initial consultation about the business, SCORE sets up the business owner with a couple of specific experts in a particular field from their team.

“Be they legal, be they accountants, be they manufacturing. We can call on our fellow members to be brought in at the proper time to help us with a particular client,” Walker told Fox 17.

Walker said starting a business is less about what the economy looks like, and more about what success looks like.

“Once we have an idea of what they’re trying to accomplish, what they think success looks like, we can talk about the steps it will take for you to achieve that.” Walker adds that there is never a bad time for a good idea. “There are still people out there who have problems and issues, and one thing you can count on is, people are always receptive to solutions to their problems. Things that help improve their quality of life.”

SCORE Grand Rapids offers free services and can be reached at 616-771-0305, or