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Grand Rapids area Elector: "It’s time for this country to move on"

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 19:34:31-05

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — While Michigan's election has been called for President-elect Joe Biden, the state's 16 electoral votes don't become official until Dec. 14, when the Electoral College meets to cast their votes for the executive office.

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When you cast your vote for president, you're actually voting for which party's slate of electors you want to represent you in the Electoral College.

Democratic elector representing the Grand Rapids area Blake Mazurek says it's an important role, and wants people to understand his job is protected and sacred to our democracy.

Mazurek will cast his vote for Biden and Harris on the 14th, no doubt about it.

“There have been some folks who have reached out who have tried to change my vote. Those efforts of course are not going to work,” elector Blake Mazurek said.

Mazurek says he is not going to change his mind. He doesn't want to, and says anyone asking him to vote for anyone other than Biden is asking him to break the law.

“It’s illegal in Michigan to change your vote as an elector. We cannot be faithless electors. Even if we wanted to be. Which I don’t,” Mazurek said.

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Blake is a teacher. He's a regular guy, chosen by the Democratic Party to cast his vote.

“We don’t live in ivory towers, we don’t descend upon our communities once every four years to cast this vote,” Mazurek.

He wishes the system would change with the times.

“Having a system that was created in 1787, in Philadelphia, for a completely different country, as far as our culture, it seems like an outdated way to do things,” Mazurek said.

But he says nay-sayers shouldn't get their hopes up for some change on Monday...asking everyone to accept the will of the people.

“It’s time for this country to move on. It’s time for folks who the election didn’t sway their way, to accept that the results are in,” Mazurek said.

“If that’s not the person you wanted to win, then in four years, you have the opportunity to vote again. But this election essentially has been decided."

Blake says as a US History teacher, he's taught the Constitution and how the Electoral College works dozens of times. This is a real firsthand learning experience for his students, one he is excited to share.