Hundreds of restaurants sign 'Michigan Restaurant Promise' for customer, employee safety

Posted at 11:35 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 23:35:18-04

Hundreds of restaurants have vowed for to make their establishments safe and healthy for customers during the pandemic.

The Michigan Restaurant Promise was created when establishments were allowed to re-open back in May. What started out as a handful of restaurants has now turned into hundreds vowing to keep their employees and customers safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with precautionary measures.

On its website, the promise asks each of the restaurants that sign to pledge the following:

  • Each staff member will receive a daily wellness check, including having their temperature taken
  • Staff members that interact with guests and/or work closely together will always wear clean masks
  • We will space tables to allow proper social distancing
  • We will meet or exceed CDC requirements for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces
  • We will regularly evaluate and alter our procedures to provide you with great service while also keeping you and our staff members safe
  • We will be transparent with you when there is an identified positive COVID test on our team and we will meet or exceed all requirements prior to reopening
  • We will limit groups to no more than 10
  • We will ask our staff to remain safe outside of work and follow all of the same protocols we require while on the job
  • We will enforce all of the regulations we are required to meet as restaurants in the State of Michigan

Bier Distillery is one of the many restaurants that have agreed to be a part of the initiative.

"When we first walked into Bier when I heard about this initiative, I thought, 'let’s sign up for that.' Because together, we’re stronger," said Joel Bierling, owner of Bier Distillery. "If everybody has kind of agreed that we are going to be establishing these protocols and these rules, hopefully the public at large will get used to the same thing."

Bierling says he and his team had already enforced many of the measures prior to participating in the Michigan Restaurant Promise. However, Bierling says it lessened the amount of negative feedback related to masks when customers knew they would have to wear them into any establishment.

If you would like to learn which establishments are also participating, you can find the list here.