High school student grows apparel business during pandemic

JCKS Apparel has grown over 100% in 2 months
Posted at 5:58 PM, May 18, 2020
High school student grows business during pandemic

Eion Jackson thought he would spending a lot of time at the baseball field these days.

The Hudsonville High School junior made the varsity baseball team this spring but the season was canceled because of COVID-19.

"It was kind of disappointing because I have worked my whole life to play high school baseball for varsity," Jackson said. "It was going to be my first year and it was kind of disappointing to see that happen."

He has really taken advantage of his time at home.

Eion has been making shirts at his house for two years mostly for his friends, in the last two months he has expanded his efforts.

"I've grown it over a hundred percent," Jackson said. "I started out with maybe a hundred followers and I'm at 1,140 right now and I have sold to 17 states plus Puerto Rico."

He says the focus during the pandemic is figuring out what areas to target with his brand.

"I've really started to look into where I should market all the ads," Jackson said. "I have worked a lot on my social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to grow a following."

The inspiration for his clothes comes from the places he has visited. His family has traveled all over the United States as well as six foreign countries.

"All of them are pretty much inspired from me traveling," Jackson said. "Some just come to mind but it's mostly just travel."

He says his most popular items right now come from his global warming line.

"That one was more about respecting the world and trying to keep it clean and doing your part," Jackson said. "The brand is kind of about traveling and keeping the world clean and stuff like that too."

He says one of his dreams is to have a store in downtown Grand Rapids.

His clothes can be purchased online here.