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Newlyweds surprised with drive-by parade after ceremony

Posted at 7:26 PM, May 02, 2020

SALEM TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Saturday was the day Matt and Anna Stein have been waiting months for.

"It was definitely very different without having people there," said Anna Stein.

Despite well over 100 invites being sent out prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, their wedding inside of St. Mary's Visitation Catholic Church in New Salem only had ten people in attendance.

"It was almost in a sense better," laughed the groom, Matt Stein, "it takes a lot of the nerves off."

After the ceremony came the surprise. Dozens of friends and family who would have been in attendance for the wedding made signs and drove by to celebrate the couple's big day.

"I never expected anything like this to happen," Matt said, "there were people coming by that I would have never thought. It meant a lot to see everyone come and do that."

Their wedding was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, thanks to the parish. The couple says there really wasn't any talk about postponing the big day, either.

"We were worried," added Anna, "but once we figured out we could live stream it, that helped a lot."

Of course, you never forget your wedding day but for the Steins, there are several reasons that's the case.

"A lot of people are scared during this time," said Matt, "but for us, we got married in the church and faith is what keeps us going."

It may not have been the day they had anticipated months ago, but it was perfect in their eyes.

"The main thing is that I'm still getting married to her," continued Matt, "and that isn't going to change anything, no matter if there are ten people or 200 people."

The couple says they will have a wedding reception once the pandemic is over and it is safe to do so.