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Good samaritan returns butcher shop's lost deposit money

Good samaritan returns Sobie Meats lost deposit money
Posted at 10:12 PM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 09:30:37-04

WALKER, Mich. — The owners of a local butcher shop lost a whole day's deposit money. Just as they were giving up hope, their luck turned for the best.

You need an eagle eye to spot it, and that's what the driver had when he reversed to the bank pouch on the ground.

"And they took the deposit in at that point. We're like, 'Wow, all day has gone by,'" says Tim Sobie, owner of Sobie Meats. "And they never called because we had a deposit slip in there with our name, obviously. And even our phone number is on there. And nobody called to say, 'Hey, we found your deposit,' etc."

Tim and his wife, Teresa, accidentally dropped the pouch on the ground. With no return yet, the couple called the cops.

"And just before the police got here, the gentleman or good samaritan came in and he said, 'Hey, I found this.' And he said, 'I drove around front and you were closed.'"

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Tim wouldn't go so far as to say how much money the pouch had.

"So it was enough that it was—it would have hurt, not having that deposit to go to the bank, like anybody else," he says. "If you took one of your days of pay away, it would hurt, right? So yeah, that would have stung. So we're just so grateful that he turned that back in."

But instead of a loss, there was a sense of relief knowing a good samaritan was looking out for them.

"We were just elated that somebody, you know, after that long, turned it back, and he said everything is there," Tim says. "You know, I didn't take anything out of there. So he had never been in the shot before his first time in, and he was doing an act of kindness like that. So that was pretty, pretty phenomenal."

Tim says the man who gave back the money got a free gift card as a "thank you," and says they'll get him hooked up with a nice cut of meat.

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