100th birthday celebrated with parade, walkie-talkies

Posted at 11:11 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 09:46:16-04

It was a celebration unlike any before for Rober Frye. Bob, as he's known to his family and friends, turned 100 Saturday.

“I love you Bob and I’m glad you reached your 100th bday!” Veanise Vanvermeer is an activities aide at the Hastings Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.

"It is humbling and very educational." Vanvermeer said. "Bob has a lot of history, and he has the biggest, kindest heart of any man you could ever meet.”

Bob watched through the window as firetrucks drove by his family and friends communicated through the window using a walkie-talkie.

Bob's granddaughter, Ellie Westworth helped organize the big day.

“Oh gosh, it makes you want to cry," Westworth told FOX 17. "It’s pretty crazy somebody can make it to 100 years and live a life a lot of people only dream of.”

And that makes it harder on the family who cannot come inside or take Bob out for his birthday. Now they have to wait until the executive order is lifted.

“I’m so excited, I want to give him a hug," Westworth said. "He was giving us hugs like this (crosses arms across chest), it’s just so special.”

Bob's great-nephew Rick visited him every Sunday before the pandemic

“The facility has done a wonderful job, I can’t imagine how hard it is for them to see the patients not have hugs or kisses or physical contact with their family members." Rick Frye said. "But it’s a great thing, it’s a great turn out and our family appreciates it.”

About 15-20 people were outside helping Bob celebrate. Even through glass without the hugs or physical contact, the day was a success.

“They did pull his mask down a little bit and we could see he was smiling, he gave a thumbs up, and I know he appreciates it and the turnout out here.” Rick told us.

Bob's been at the nursing home for three years. The cake his family brought, by the way, was vanilla. Bob's favorite.