GVSU announces changes to semester as students return

GVSU Allendale 10282023
Posted at 4:42 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 22:41:18-04

ALLENDALE, Mich. — Lakers will still have in-person classes, but fall break is canceled and after Thanksgiving most classes will be held remotely, according to an announcement by the GVSU President Philomena V. Mantella.

In a long letter to students and staff, Mantella explained the changes made to the learning experience at GVSU for Fall 2020, including changes to the Code of Conduct and a pledge for students to follow the university's health and safety guidelines.

"Being on campus, for those who want or need in-person experiences, is a privilege we must preserve, " Mantella wrote. "While we cannot guarantee a virus-free campus, we can assure a comprehensive, efficient and expedited response to the virus.."

The decision to hold remote classes after Thanksgiving came down to one thing: travel. Students and staff travel for holidays and could be exposed to the virus from someone they wouldn't normally have contact with. That transmission could create an outbreak on campus.

While not required, GVSU is requesting everyone get tested before going back to school. The school is working with the Kent and Ottawa county health departments, instituting a 24/7 call center with Spectrum Health. Plus, there is now the newly formed GVSU Virus Action Team to monitor any potential positive cases.

Questions about the school's COVID policies can be sent to