A changing pot perspective: Growing number of women now using marijuana

'The business is there. The consumer demand is there.'
Posted at 2:22 PM, Apr 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 20:10:12-04

HAMTRAMCK (WXYZ) — The marijuana industry is growing across metro Detroit and the state, and one of the largest growing groups of marijuana users are women.

"I'm a young professional, but I do feel comfortable being open about my cannabis use and I also feel comfortable buying from places that are legal like Quality Roots," said Taylor Hartman, 28, as she went into the marijuana dispensary in Hamtramck.

Before starting in the marijuana business, Quality Roots CEO Aric Klar founded Toyology Toys where he began his focus on trends in the marketplace.

Nowadays, Klar also focuses on trends in the marijuana business.

"The business is there. The consumer demand is there. The want for unique retail experiences are there," he said.

Action News talked to one woman, on the condition that we did not use her name.

"Some of the dispensaries are like boutique stores," she said. "I use it for pain control and to help with sleep when there's nights when the pain is too much. So that's why I use it."

Studies show the increase in cannabis consumption is due to more women using marijuana products.

Earlier this week, the City of Royal Oak approved permits for three cannabis business to operate.