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Pretty in Ponchos offers warmth and safety for infants

Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 11:01:24-05

When Nicky Fay's son was an infant, she could safely put a cover over his car seat to fight off the West Michigan weather elements. When Baird was ready to transition into a toddler seat, fear came over her. It is highly discouraged to restrain your child in a car seat with a puffy coat under the straps. It only took one cold day of hauling Baird to the car without a coat, mid-winter, for grandmother Diane to search for a solution.

Together, the duo agreed on a pattern for a fleece poncho. Nicky says the first one was not spectacular, but after making some for little ones in their family, they had perfected it! You can slip the poncho over the child while inside; once you get to the car seat, the back of the poncho flips over the car seat, hood stays in place and you can adjust the straps without the front of the poncho being in the way. It falls nicely on the front of the child, covering its legs. Now, they are the proud owners of a home-based business called Pretty in Ponchos. They pick out the fabric combinations together, Nicky cuts and Diane sews.

Along with ponchos, they make adorable hats and neck warmers. Interested in seeing their items? Check them out on Facebook.

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